The Not Really Adventures But Adventures Of A Constantly Dazed Unicorn

I like bananas


Okay I'm back. Probably. So I've been shunned by the universe. I may have accidentally broken one of our deals and now I have to do an occult offering with Elton John playing in the background to win back its... Continue Reading →

The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The Jones

I don't think there is anyone on this fuckheaded planet that holds my heart as unyieldingly tight as Phil Jones does. My love for the Philly lad is unwavering and infinite. And today, we will all appreciate the magic that... Continue Reading →

Disappointed, But Not Surprised

This was gonna be a Christmas post. And then it was gonna be a New Years' Eve post. However, life had other plans. So it's gonna be an Okeh post. There was alot of fuckery that happened during these past... Continue Reading →

Alexa, Play Africa by Toto

I'm typing this on my notepad because I deleted my app since I ran outta storage space. I really need to think about getting a memory card. This is nonsense. Okay, where the fuck do I start. Firstly, I actually... Continue Reading →

My Bad

I think I've started a few too many posts with "it's been a while". But. It's been a while. Plus some. I have a million lame excuses, but I will not bother with them because...I'm a piece of shit. Fuck... Continue Reading →

Oh, Ed

*sigh* I have no idea what's going on anymore. However, my story of despair and depression is for another time. Because I have finally watched Gotham Season 3 Episode 15. And I'm ready to walk down the aisle. Edward Nygma... Continue Reading →

A Series of Michael Cera Portraits

  Okay bye,  A Devotee To The OG

I Should Not Have Said That

I have always (actually just the start of this year) thought that my biggest flaw was delaying reading and replying to peoples' messages (because I'm too busy liking memes on Facebook). However, today I have come to realize that it's... Continue Reading →

Existential Crisising 

*internal screaming* Fuck fuck fuck fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fucking fuck fuck fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fucking fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fucking fuck fucking fuck fuck... Continue Reading →

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