Procrastination is the devil. Its an irrreversable (somehow this word looks wrong. Is it a word? Am I making it up? Am I just tripping? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z) curse. Its a incurable (this came up on spellcheck so its right) disease. Its Joffrey Lannister (Game of Thrones reference for all you losers who are confused). Its legit ruining what’s left of my life.

I procrastinate doing my uni work (I’m legit so fucked that I’m actually going to campus tomorrow. Tomorrow is SATURDAY!!! WTF Bianca [Thats my real name, by the way {The name’s Govender, Mariah Bianca Govender }]).

I procrastinate taking my flu tablets (Because I’m too damn lazy to walk to the kitchen for a glass of water) (I got the flu because of not sleeping or eating properly) (cause I’m too busy doing my uni work last minute) (this is one of the bad bad results of procrastination) (I should eat more healthy as well) (And exercise) (I like running) (But I have no time to run) (Why? Cause I’m too busy doing uni work last minute) (again, Procrastination) (Bianca, you piece of shit).

I procrastinate blogging (I legit procrastinated writing a blogpost about procrastination) (I’m not even fucking joking) (This was supposed to come out two weeks ago) (Fuck you Bianca).

I procrastinate going to pee (Walking to the toilet takes a lot of time) (Time that you cannot get back) (Time is money) (Time waits for no man) (The greatest gift you can give someone is your Time) (Time and Time again).

I probably gonna procrastinate giving birth to my future children (“Whoops, my water just broke, but ptssh, I still have a lot more time to pop them out”) (But hopefully someone decides to take one for the team and marries me) (If not, there’s always that sperm donation thing) (Cause I’m a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man) (Jk we all know life wouldn’t be the same without having the male species to torture).

And I’m definitely gonna procrastinate dying. That’s my theory on how I’m gonna live forever. Fuck you death. Fuck you Grim Reaper (If you’re reading this, Jk, please don’t come for me for this, I’m too young and amazing to die, I love you) (If you’re not reading this, *flips you off*).

Okay bye,
The Immortal One