Well fuck.
This couple of weeks have literally been Hell. But not the cool fiery fun real Hell. The fake one that you purchased from the dude down the road who purchased it from a dude standing in an dodgy pathway who purchased it from the “discount” store who stole it from the highway after a truck full of it overturned.

The fact that I haven’t posted in two weeks (has it been two weeks? I have lost all concept of time. Or have I? We’ll never know.) is evidence enough that I need everyone’s prayers. I actually need something stronger than prayers. I need pizza.

Uni has turned me into an emotionless robot. I ain’t complaining though. Its actually kinda cool.
Bitch come at me with your bullshit. Put more dishes in the sink while I’m washing. Kick the back of my shoe while I’m walking. Play my alarm ringtone for no reason. Crash my laptop. Blow dry my hair. Kill Tyrion Lannister. Okay No, I’ve gone too far. Don’t kill Tyrion Lannister.

But anyway on a less fuck my life note, it’s the weekend and I’m devoting it to not doing any work. Like what I did the last time. Which actually sorta help cause the Fake Hell couple of weeks. Which actually got me seriously thinking about buying Crocs. Which actually could have had me being at my all time low.
I should really reconsider my plans for this weekend. Or nah.

Fuck I’m such a piece of shit.

Oh Lord I need to get my priorities in order…after I finish watching all the new movies on my USB. Stop it Bianca.

Okay bye,
The Child That Nearly Ruin Her Life By Buying Crocs Cause She Was Losing Control Of Her Life.