Murphy’s Law.
Why you such a whore?
*drops mic*

I could just end at that. But no. I shall not.
Because I have this some theories (well it’s more like a development of one). About why Murphy’s Law is such a bitch to good people, like myself. Should I make a list or just zshoozsh? Okay no I zshoozshed too many times today and I need some balance (actually I don’t, I just want to be fancy)(I’m so fancy, you already knooow)(Okay focus Bianca)(Focus on me, focus, focus on me)(Alright stop)(Alright stop, collaborate and listen)(NO)(Nooo, no no no, stick to the stuff you knooow)(Okay I’m done)(Or am I?)(Yeah I’m done).

So class, let us begin.

1. Murphy was probably a good person.

2. By Murphy researching and proving his theory, he made It into something considered bad.

3. Its feelings got hurt.

4. Which made It mad.

5. Which lead to It vowing revenge on all good people.

6. Because Murphy was good.

7. And now It has been consumed with the bad energy that comes with revenge.

8. And It has become a hoe.

9. And It can never give it up.

10. It can never let it go.

11. It can never run around.

12. And desert us.

Okay bye,
A Good Person