I have never been this devastated in my entire existence. 

I am broken. 

Let us begin this emotionally scarring tale. 

I had this perfect bra. It was powder pink. It had adorable little bows on the side. It was soft and comfy as fuck. It looked cute as shit with my pastel rainbow undies. It fitted like a sock. And, most importantly, it made me look like I actually had some boobs. It was my precious and I would have turned into Smeagle for it with no regrets. It made me happy. Until today.

So, I got home in a pretty okay mood. I changed into my most comfy onesie. I put on my emoji slippers. I made a latte. I ate some pasta. I wasn’t attacked by my cousins. My day was ending with some pretty okay vibes. Or so I thought…

I was getting ready to hibernate next to the plug point with my phone, all pretty okay and shit, when I heard my aunt call. I walked to the courtyard not knowing what savage gruesomeness laid ahead. In the darkness,  I hear her say “Tony got a hold of it”, I then notice something fair in her hand. My brain refused to identify the torn mess. Tony couldn’t betray me. I snuck him extra food. I told him jokes. I petted him. He wouldn’t do something so heartless. But he did. 

I cannot begin to describe the dark feeling that engulfed me as I let my dearest fall into garbage. I hope that I will someday recover from this horrible experience. But for now, I will drown my sorrows in tea. 

Goodbye Mon Petit Chérie.

You will be deeply missed. 

Okay bye, 

My Hart Is Seer