I have no idea what’s going on anymore. However, my story of despair and depression is for another time. Because I have finally watched Gotham Season 3 Episode 15. And I’m ready to walk down the aisle.

Edward Nygma has finally lost his heart, and has tunnelled through an inferior vena cava straight into the right atrium of mine

Firstly. That fucking suit. Goddamn, he strolled into my soul like a refined emerald popsicle ready to be mauled by my tongue and slid down my throat on a hot summers day. (I’m sorry, my intentions are pure)

Secondly. That fucking brain. Goddamn, he strode into my psyche with that twisted mind, holding infinite crevices filled with knowledge, spilling endless riddles that challenge the best of intellects. (I think the new hairstyle helped)

Thirdly. That fucking wit. Goddamn, he sauntered into my pneuma with the capacity to outsmart the astutest and cozen the shrewdest in the most creative and amusing ways. (I think I’m in love)

Fourthly. That fucking charm. Goddamn, he swanned into my spirit boasting that impish glimmer in his eyes, invitingly suggestive voice, elfin cut bone structure, adorable dimpled chin and magnetizing mischievous smile. I never thought I would say this, but, he out-fuck me’d Jeromes’ smile. (He outshined Jerome Valeska, the Jerome Valeska, who made The List)

Okay bye,

The Future Mrs Riddler.

PS. I think my light is back on. Hopefully it’s being powered by the main electricity box and not a temporary generator. 

PPS. I hope you got I was talking about my mind and not an actual light bulb. But just in case. 

PPPS. 2018!!!